Basswood Honey 16oz
Obtained from the blossoms of the Basswood/Linden tree, sometimes called the "bee tree" because their fragrant flowers drip with nectar drawing honeybees from miles around. A premium honey with a balanced floral and fruit flavor. Some say grapes and... More
Buckwheat Honey 16oz
Dark and rich buckwheat honey.... More
Goldenrod Honey 16oz
Pleasant and sweet, with a hint of butterscotch.... More
Japanese Knotweed 16oz
Bedillion Honey Farms very own Japanese knotweed honey. Very dark with a pleasant and unique taste.... More
Orange Blossom Honey 16oz
Raw orange blossom honey sourced from a trusted beekeeper whose bees are often used to pollinate large orange groves in Florida.... More
Pure Honey 16oz
Bedillion Honey Farms premium wildflower honey.... More
Creamed Honey 16oz
Premium creamed honey.... More
Cinnamon Creamed Honey 16oz
Premium cinnamon flavored creamed honey.... More
Comb Honey 12 oz
The rawest form of honey there is. Great for spreading on toast, eating with ice cream, or just on its own.... More
Bee Pollen 8oz
An 8oz Jar of Bee Pollen.... More
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